We all generally operate within our comfort zone. When we learn something new, we move into our stretch zone, until it becomes natural for us e.g. learning to drive – when we are learning all of it is uncomfortable, and then we learn enough to pass our test, and then we begin to gain confidence and it becomes more comfortable and more of a habit – i.e. can you recall how many traffic lights you went through today to get to work, or did you get there almost on autopilot?


Any time we do anything, our subconscious teaches us – when we do xx then yy happens. A problem we face is when the stretch becomes to big is at this point, we move into our panic zone and it’s here we face a number of choices:


Choice 1 – flight – we might want to run away from the situation – things are hard and we might fail. We ask ourselves “what if?” We probably blame others or get angry – they made me do it, it’s someone else’s fault. At this point, our comfort zone becomes smaller.

Choice 2 – fight – we tackle the issue head on, but believe we are going to fail. We try AND fail and then we hear our own internal voice saying, “I told you so”. Again, our comfort zone retracts.

Choice 3 – go for it – we acknowledge the feelings of nerves and discomfort. We know what is going on in our heads but we take personal responsibility for our actions. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our success. The cycle is broken and so our comfort zone stretches.

The more we are open to experiences and feedback the larger our comfort zone becomes.

  • How do you want to grow?
  • What enapay (brave) things will you do to stretch your comfort zone?


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