where are you heading

You may already know what you want, if so great, how can enapay help?

If you are not easily able to answer this question, then ask yourself this:

“Why do you go to work?”

You might have said “for the money”

You would be right.

Ask yourself the next question:

“What do you want the money for?”

You will get another answer…

e.g. “To fulfil my family’s needs”, “To allow me to live”

Ask yourself another question:

“What are those family needs?” / “Allow you to live to do what?”

After asking 3 or more questions you are able to get to a more in-depth answer as to why you work, which will help you to understand where you are heading.

By understanding what our purpose is and working towards that purpose, we are likely to be happier and to suffer less.

So, why not take a few minutes to complete the following exercise so that you can establish your direction:

If you were a business, write down how you would introduce yourself to others? How would you appeal to customers?

Now, imagine writing your epitaph. What would it say to summarise your life’s mission?

How enapay can help

By understanding where you are heading, you can then start to break that vision / mission down into something that you can work towards.

Enapay can support you with helping you gain clarity on where you are heading, create some structure to how you can get there, and work with you to take ACTION to make your vision a reality.

Interested in discussing further, contact us.

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