Through the low hanging almost in-excessible caves, be transported to another world filled with beauty.

This transportation can take place in your own mind which allows you to move forward on your own journey.

Where have you been transported to today and what beauty did you find? 

When things aren’t going as you expect them to, or your imagine is running wild, take the time to STOP and transport yourself to a quiet place in your mind, where you can take stock of the situation, review and reflect, and then re-set yourself up to move forward.

Taking a few minutes each day to reflect and take at least one positive thing from each day helps you to find beauty in many things.

I am reading a great book by Dawn Walton  (Nothing Needs to Be the Way it’s Always Been) and what Dawn writes about in her reflections echo my comments above about looking for positives in the day, and those positives may appear small, but remember it’s the little changes that create the big shifts.

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