different roles

Sometimes we know exactly the answer to this question, at other times, there is so much self-doubt, that we become paralysed with self-questioning about whether what we think we want to achieve is realistic or just pipe dreams.

I was with a friend a few days ago; we were talking about her work as a writer and a creative writing tutor

She was sharing with me one of her favourite places on earth – Morocco through a photo album that one of the creative writing groups that had participated in the trip had created for her.

The pictures were incandescent:-


And within the text, I found these words:

[tboot_testimonial by=”(unknown)”]“my destiny is always to find the musical notes hidden within the spirit of others”[/tboot_testimonial]


The words made me think “do we understand what our role here is”?

I see one of my roles as a coach is to support you to look within and draw out your strengths, talent, and leadership. Assist you to be ‘napayshni’ (strong / courageous) which will empower you to create your own musical notes.

We are continually growing and developing. We often look at how far we’ve got to go, and yet ignore the reflection on how far we have already travelled.

It’s probably true that we aren’t where we want to be and yet we aren’t where we were either. By exploring this article you are already looking to move yourself forward – keep up the great work.

We’d love to hear where you are right now, and what (if anything) enapay can do to support you to move forward faster by helping you to break through some of those barriers.

Get in touch and tell us about your journey.

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