• Distortion?
  • Lessons learnt?
  • Painful experiences?
  • Something you’d rather not remember?
  • Happiness?
  • Smaller images?
  • Something else…..

Rear view mirrors are an important part of our growth – they allow us to review history, understand if we’ve left a wake of disruption or if things are calm…

They provide great opportunities for learning – the simple fact that they are no longer in front of you indicates that you have moved past it.

The key challenge is to sense check what learning opportunity was and ensure that we process that learning opportunity in order to have a smoother journey if we face a similar experience in our forward view window.

Whilst New Year is often a great time for reflection and reviewing what has happened in your rear view mirror over the course of the year, it also often means that you only reflect on the ‘big’ things that have happened, and don’t really remember the little things that have too played important parts in your journey throughout the year.

These things might include:

  • how you dealt with a difficult person differently and that had a positive impact on your relationship with that person
  • how by getting up 10 minutes earlier each day allowed you more time with your family
  • how when you received a rather curt email that lots of people were copied in on you didn’t simply ‘reply all’ and respond to that person in the same manner in which the email was sent
  • you wrote a weekly successes and learning log so that you could see what has gone well / not so well during the week
  • add your own here __________________________

It’s those ‘little’ things that support the bigger picture stuff that you would likely reflect on at the end of a year.

So how can you help yourself through 2014….

Create your own success and learning log.

Download a template for free…

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