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What Coaching Is

Coaching is unlocking your potential to maximise your performance.

A coach’s role is to support with the exploration of any difficulties / issues that you may have that is impacting on you moving forward.

A coach would support the client in clarifying what the goal is that the client thinks’ they want to achieve. A coach will support in raising the awareness of the issue that the client wants to address (or thinks they want to address) and this may or may not then transpire to be the real goal, or a modified goal may emerge once awareness is raised sufficiently.

The differences between, coaching, mentoring, therapy and counselling

The differences of Therapy and Counselling against Coaching

Therapy and Counselling begin with the idea that the client has a problem and that the problem needs a cure, and also that the time period for therapy or counselling is lengthy as it implies a need for resolving deep psychological issues.

Coaching on the other hand doesn’t look at what needs to be fixed, it starts with what works. Coaching starts from a basis that the client wants to achieve greater things and a coach can help them to achieve it. The role of the coach is to support the client to better access the knowledge that they already have in order for them to achieve their goal / objective / potential.

The differences of Mentoring from Coaching

Mentors are typically people that have achieved success in a particular field and their role as mentor is to provide a more concrete directional path for the mentee by sharing their own experiences, challenges and mistakes so the mentee can move forward more quickly.

Coaching differs from mentoring as the coach is there to be the impartial motivator and energiser who empowers the client to develop his or her own solutions and strategies towards the self-improvement that they are seeking.

In coaching it is the client’s responsibility to utilise the resources of the coach to develop his or her own strategy. A mentor often provides the strategy for the individual.

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