Riding through Lisse (Holland) on a ‘sit up and beg bike’ (thank you for the description H!) with no decisions to make, no time or agenda for the day and as a result no expectations or requirements of anyone for anyone.
The mind becomes freer and the world around the cyclist is beautiful.

The sights that you see on route to the beach with a pushbike for transport are incredible. The smells of the flowers as you cycle past fields; the black swans that you stop to watch as they play on the river and the sights and sounds of the woods, people passing in the opposite direction, the sun on your back and a light breeze blowing provides an envelope of beauty that you simply want to savor. Instead of people watching sat in a café, you can people watch on your scenic journey.

black-swansThe incredible beauty of living in ‘now’ is vibrant, happy, peaceful and a feeling so humbling about being able to enjoy the beauty all around.

This ‘down-time’ invigorates a sense of health and well-being. It can increase your sensory awareness as you begin to become more aware of the goings on around you, and as you focus on these things, your senses can become increasingly heightened.

Having little (or no) recall of the conversations that were shared during the journey and yet the feeling of calmness is prodigious. Becoming aware of now, immeasurable amounts of calm, creates an empty mind allowing ideas or thoughts to flow through your mind. With these levels of calmness, the thoughts or ideas can be reviewed objectively.

kid_artTaking time out from every day to ‘touch base’ with this feeling is vitally important.

That time out could be a trip to Holland, a family holiday, or simply and easily taking a few minutes a day to create and engage with that feeling, which then allows more creativity and freer flowing activities as your day progresses.

When will you take some time out?

Download our downtime exercises: Downtime exercises

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