I was drawn to this title when doing some research recently (and got side-tracked to look at it!). I had written about water heating slowly and boiling suddenly and to see the expression used in a different context was intriguing.

Whilst leaping from one job to another may be the answer for some people, I do believe that there are options that you could pursue in order to make your time in work something that you are happier with, or even something you enjoy and can prosper in, instead of being a victim of a job that sucks.

We all have choices, and making a choice to take responsibility to how we feel at work is something we absolutely have control over.

Are you taking responsibility to feel good at work, or are you choosing (consciously or unconsciously) to feel rubbish and yet want to stay in a job where you are allowing yourself to feel rubbish?

When you stop taking responsibility for how you feel about any particular aspect, you are putting yourself in a potential position of pain – you are giving away your power (to respond to a situation) to others and that can give rise to potentially painful experiences for yourself.

In David Schindler’s article, he looks at ways that you can deal with situations in a positive frame of mind. He shares with you some examples of how you can respond to situations that you face on a day to day basis.

Read David’s blog – 7 signs you job sucks (and what to do about it).



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