I was reading an article earlier as I prepared for a trip to Thailand. It got me thinking about seeking change…

When embarking on a change, do you have a clear intention about what you want and why?

I have found without such intent, it is easy not to take action towards achieving your goal.

As individuals, we all have many learned ways of responding to our environment and reacting to the events in our lives.

We often run on auto-pilot – almost robotic in manner based on the patterns / programmes we have created within our own thinking. Our patterns of thinking create our speech and actions and there can be little in the way of real, self-directed choice in how we are, how we live, and where we find ourselves.

We justify things to ourselves through our stories, where we have the lead role – usually the good guy…regardless of available evidence. We forget the inter-connectedness of all things – instead we pull threads of evidence, selectively remember events, cast characters as good and bad, and create justifications for our lives, our behaviour and why things are the way they are.

We’re often quick to take credit for the great achievements that have been made in our lives and in turn blame others for our problems. These aspects of behaviour play out as ego through ‘script writing’- the life we are living.

This type of thought process may resonate with you when you think about embarking on a pathway of change.

You are seeking to find new / different ways of doing things to improve you / your role / your business processes and yet, we easily find ourselves drawn back to the same old programmatic way of existence. The same old habits and behaviours are visible. This happens even when we are touched or inspired by our teachers, their example and their guidance.

Maintaining a constant disciplined approach to change is a very real battle that we face.

Staying present and focused helps, for this you often need to find someone that can support you along your journey, ensuring that when those old patterns and habits begin to emerge you deflect them.

Another thought, when embarking on change within a business environment, you have been enapay (brave) enough to start the change. Great intention and energy kick off the change, and then as things begin to ‘settle’ down, or there are many challenges to overcome, we begin to question why we started this journey and find ways to slip backwards.

A very good friend of mine gave me a fortune cookie some time ago, it read,

“it’s not the work that is hard, it’s the discipline”.

How true this quote is.

Come practice some “enapay” and “discipline” with all the energy you can muster. Set the intention to start your journey, or take another step on your path. We have just the place for you to practice that discipline with enapay.

Join us at your earliest convenience, get yourself on to a personal development workshop, or on a coaching programme so you can create the energy in every aspect of your world.

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