conscious unconscious brain

… want to change it – you CAN

Help train your mind to flow along the river instead of battling with the upstream current.

Our mind is often ‘flowing’, although, how often does it feel that we’re going the wrong way?

The premise of this is based around the messages and signals we receive consciously and unconsciously and how we process them – positively, negatively or neutral. How we process and respond to (or from) them will impact on whether we are seeing ourselves swimming up or downstream.

What’s great to know is that we can change this once we become more aware of what is going on.

Working with enapay, we’ll show you how you can regain a natural flow back into your life.

We’ll support you in identifying what ‘hot’ buttons you have that are impacting your flow, or the rocks that are getting in your way of your natural flow, and we’ll help you acknowledge these and adopt strategies to manage them slightly differently to allow you to achieve the things that you want.

Another lady that can really help you is Colette Lees

She is an incredibly talented lady who has significant knowledge and understanding in her field of Emotional Intelligence. If you’re a business looking to find opportunities to enhance your culture, then Colette can definitely help as she can really get to the crux of the issue and assist you in developing your business to deliver the results that you are seeking.

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