Communication is key


Whether you are attempting to drive a negotiation for home renovations, agree a holiday destination with family or friends, discuss your personal development plan or engage colleagues / peers with business activities, the biggest and hardest thing to continually do

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Every minus is half a plus


Every minus is half a plus, waiting for a stroke of vertical awareness ~ Alan Cohen When something seems like a setback or an insult, take a step backwards and look to understand how this perceived setback or insult can

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A Dichotomy…


What bottom line improvements can be quantifiably linked to having an organised and structured work environment? Ever struggled with getting buy in to a structured and disciplined way of working? I am thinking about 5S (5S is a Japanese term

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I found quite a light hearted article relating to simple techniques to improve your confidence and thought it was useful to share. For me, the main things about confidence, is that as individuals, and a collective, we are enapay enough

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Clear Thinking


I received a really interesting article in my inbox the other day from Mike George (author, coach, facilitator, mentor, management tutor, spiritual teacher) link and wanted to share with his article with you. It offers some interesting reflection about

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The importance of down-time


Riding through Lisse (Holland) on a ‘sit up and beg bike’ (thank you for the description H!) with no decisions to make, no time or agenda for the day and as a result no expectations or requirements of anyone for

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3 words to remove from your vocabulary


I have been observing people’s use of language and correlating it to how they are able (or not) to achieving their ambitions. The following 5 words are keeping you dependent rather than independent or interdependent: Need This is a word

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A case study in being enapay


A couple of years ago, there was a project opportunity to implement a lean cell within a manufacturing organisation. The opportunity was frankly scary! It was being exposed to something that the project manager did not believe they had any

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Environment of trust


Are you working in an environment of trust? Whether you are looking to deliver an important project, achieve your annual objectives, or considering a new opportunity, a vital ingredient to support the above is to have an environment of trust.

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What does bravery mean to you?


I was reading Daniel Goleman’s latest book ‘Focus – the hidden driver of excellence’ and as often the case, the words triggered something in me to investigate further (a mirror to myself of something to look at)… Goleman describes bravery

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