As a strong advocate and practitioner of change and improvements, when I came across an article with the above title, it drew me in…

The essence of the article for me is about how we as leaders are not creating an environment for change within our workplaces.

Wilson Perumal say leaders often don’t understand why they can’t persuade people to change, and therefore blame the resistance to change.

The article goes on to explain that people require 3 necessary conditions that will support change:

  • Feeling uncomfortable with where they are now
  • Can see / hear / feel and relate to a new and different state (future vision)
  • Take action to move towards that future state

I agree with some elements of the work:

  • We do need to feel uncomfortable with where we are, and recognise that we are feeling uncomfortable, before we will make any change (at this point, I am reminded of the frog in a pan of boiling water – sitting in the pan whilst the water is boiling it doesn’t feel the change nor does he feel uncomfortable for a while).
  • There does need to be a vision created that people are able to relate to in order to make any change successful – we don’t often just jump into our car and drive without having any idea of where we might be going (occasionally yes, as a rule probably not)

I also believe that as leaders, it is important that we are honest with ourselves and our own leadership if we are not understanding why the changes we were expecting to see haven’t materialised. This for me then becomes the bigger hurdle to overcome – what are we as leaders frightened of if we are going to blame something else in order to protect ourselves…

Whilst I do have some slightly differing views, the article is a stimulating read, and worthy of spending a few minutes digesting it.

It’s not true – People don’t resist change

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