• Do you want your business to be more profitable or more effective?
  • Is your role within the business falling short of where you want to be?

Answered yes, then read on…

  • Would it help you to have a clearer vision of your ‘true north’ so that it is then easier for you to create a plan to get there?


  • We can do this by reviewing 2013 with you and your teams and setting objectives for 2014 and beyond based on what worked, what you want to start doing, continue doing and stop doing. Focussing on the key areas for your business – e.g. people / financials / new clients / new products.
  • Continuous improvements is just that – continuous, and I know you will not want to stop at the end of 2014.

Typically, I will work with you on:

  • Creating a vision and Strategic planning
  • Making good long term sustainable profits by plugging gaps in your people and processes.
  • Keeping you on track: I will keep you accountable to what you say you are going to do.

how I would work with you?

My style comes from a place of honesty and transparency.

I will listen to you and support you in building better relationships with employees, clients and suppliers. All three elements are vital to creating a long term sustainable business.

I am both practical and intuitive and I believe both aspects help businesses to grow.

My objective is to help you get really clear on what you are doing and become focused on what motivates you to achieve your goals.

I will also keep you accountable to what you have committed to do and I will share with you tools that can help you for the long term.

This process will vary on what support you want from me. For some, it’s a case of getting over a specific hurdle, others want ongoing support.

I recommend business clients commit to an initial 6 months to ensure they get the maximum from their investment.

During this time, I ‘expect’ you to make many times your investment in Enapay. This means increasing your turnover, improving your profit margins and for you and your team to become more effective and efficient.

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