Human beings have, accordingly, two natures: animal and spiritual. Through the body, humans participate in the nature of animals, with which they share instincts. Through the soul, they participate in the nature of the spirits. Allan Kardec

When I stumbled across the above quote it immediately got me thinking.

We need to do and be as individuals and that doing and being should balance in order for us to be the best person we can.

“Doing” mode gives us:

Someone constantly on the move, on the hunt for something, or the need to get something finished. If we look at animals here they hunt for food, shelter and are constantly in a state of alert in case of danger.

Adult animals don’t often play without purpose either. If you look at what they do they are teaching (doing) their families / children how to be alert, how to hunt and how to protect themselves.

Imagine yourself in this type of “Doing” mode:

  • have I remembered to order the shopping?
  • I need to book our holiday,
  • I need to get the food ordered,
  • I’ve got to get the laundry done,
  • I’ve got to complete the assignment for college,
  • I need to get the car cleaned,
  • I need to write the articles I promised,
  • I need to get that training material written,
  • I need to……… (Fill in your own blanks)

Now we have evolved as human beings and are no longer animals and yet those animal traits of being in a constant state of alert – worrying about food, shelter, family, yourself, etc. is exhausting and if this doing is not balanced with some being then you will reach burn out at some point!

“Being” mode gives you:

Someone to fully live and immerse yourself in the moment. You will have felt this at some point.

Some examples of when you might find yourself “in the moment”

  • sitting out in the back garden early morning with a tea or coffee and watching the sunrise
  • walking the dog on a beautiful dawn morning
  • hiking in the hills in the ______________ (fill in your own) enjoying the scenery, quiet
  • snorkelling / diving and enjoying that moment

Finding the balance between being and doing is important and often something that is a continual challenge. Learning to notice when you are in each mode is a useful. Once you observe when you are in doing or being, you can then learn to choose which mode to be in so that you can balance your scales and achieve more.

You can only find the balance that works for you.

Steve Job’s balance came from his quote, “remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help make the big choices in life because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – all these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important”

How balanced are your scales today?



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