I was delivering some training recently, and was sat listening to the delegates discussions around how they could lead themselves better with the things they have learnt as well as using the learning and the tools learnt to drive improvements in their working areas, so that both they and the businesses they were working in could continue growing. Listening to them got me thinking…

Most people, I have spoken with, recognise that having a helping pair of hands supports them and gives them a sense of accountability not only to themselves, but also to someone else and that additional level of accountability helps to keep them focused.

Who do you utilise when your challenged with the personal goal or task you have set yourself, or even with a specific objective you are trying to achieve – who keeps you going when you are not sure of which action to take?

One of the ways that enapay can support you is by being that third party who can help keep you accountable so that you can achieve the personal resolution (s) that you have made to yourself.

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