Things always happen for a reason, but have you ever been in a position where you are not sure where things are going, or where you are going, and then feel those seeds of self doubt creeping in, and you begin to question your decisions / actions and where you are going (or not as the case may be)?


Well, be assured, you are not the only one. We all face those feelings on occasion, the duration may be fleeting or they may sit with us for a longer period of time.

Feeling lost and being lost are not the same thing – maybe you feeling lost actually means you are exactly where you are meant to be…

Being lost can be painful – it’s meant to be.

When we’re lost, that is when we grow on the inside.

We also often don’t want to recognise that we are meant to be ‘lost’ and instead feel that we need to do something, be somewhere and yet that feeling of ‘needing to do something’ actually paralyses us from doing anything.

So when you’re feeling lost, do the following:

  • Acknowledge the feeling that you are having.
  • Acknowledge that you might not know what the ‘supposed’ right next step is
  • Do something to create your future – it doesn’t matter what it is, but you do need to create some energy, and doing something will give you this

Once you start the process of doing something, then the wheels are back in motion and things start happening. They might not be what you expected (or thought you wanted) to happen but the wheel are back on your vehicle and the wheels are turning, so you are back in control and can steer yourself forward.


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