Every minus is half a plus, waiting for a stroke of vertical awareness ~ Alan Cohen

When something seems like a setback or an insult, take a step backwards and look to understand how this perceived setback or insult can take you forward…

An example: You’ve applied for a job, waited what seems like forever for the interview. You finally get the interview, and still some 2 months later you have not had any feedback as to whether you were successful or not.

The message here indicates that the job is not yours, and yet, you are unable to move forward as you don’t understand why. This state of ‘limbo’ stops you looking at the situation, and working out what positive you can get from the lack of movement – perhaps the job wasn’t right for you, perhaps you applied for the job not quite sure it was what you wanted but wasn’t sure what other options there may be, or in fact, what potential opportunities you could create for yourself whilst in this ‘limbo’ state.

Even if something appears painful, insulting or a significant setback whilst deeply involved in it, using the raw material to learn and grow from the experience, will allow you to continually develop yourself.


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