Ian Day writes some great articles, and in his book ‘Challenging Coaching’ (co-authored) there are some great hints and tips; not only as a coach but also as a coachee. Remember, the people and teams we coach are often reflections of things that we need to learn too…

Challenging Coaching link:  in a recent blog post, wrote about finding a balance between getting things done perfectly and getting something done.

I remember working a couple of years ago, with a number of truly inspirational leaders. One of them, (I’ll call him Bob), provided some exhilarating leadership during a period of incredible change.

At one critical stage in a week long ‘Kaikaku’ (Radical Change), Bob led from the front with some phenomenal pointers. One of the key aspects he ‘charged’ the team with delivering was: “Done is better than perfect”, – these words still resonate any time I begin to procrastinate, or see others procrastinating.

When we are seeking to implement a vision / direction or strategy that has been discussed and agreed over a period of time, it is vital that we avoid the perfectionist tendencies. We need to drive through and get things done.

The beauty of continuous improvement is that we can go back and make further enhancements later.

  • Doing nothing means we make no progress.
  • Doing something and it not being perfect means we have made progress.

The latter always wins out for me.

The same can be true for many other traits we have.

So whether you are:

  • a perfectionist or have strong perfectionist tendencies,
  • a strong driving force wanting to get things done now,
  • or someone that shies away from taking any action at all,

… then this article is a great read for you.

Any time you find yourself in a position where you become stuck, remember these words:

Done is better than perfect!

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