Whether you are attempting to drive a negotiation for home renovations, agree a holiday destination with family or friends, discuss your personal development plan or engage colleagues / peers with business activities, the biggest and hardest thing to continually do is to communicate using various media and with a variety of messages in order to ensure that the message is received in a way that the recipient engages in the process.

If you are seeking to engage a contractor for some home renovations, it is important that rapport is established so that trust can be built and everyone involved in the ‘transaction’ can work together to find a win-win outcome. The home owner ensures that they get what they want at a price that they can afford, and the contractor builds a relationship with the client so that they too can ensure that they are able to make a profit from the work whilst working to give the client value for money.

If you are looking to agree holiday destinations, again, the key ingredient is communication. It is important that everyone understands the type of holiday that each person may want so that discussions can commence about options around each destination, the choices can be narrowed and as a collective, a destination can be sought and agreed that can accommodate the wants of the people going on holiday.

Another key aspect when in discussions with a group is listening, and I mean active listening. Without this, you will be not fully understand what each person wants / desires from a holiday, and therefore, the potential proposal may not address their needs sufficiently.

Learning to understand you and your own communication style and the affect that style if over / under used can have on others may help you review and adapt your communication strategy and style when dealing with different people, which will help ensure that a win-win outcome is achieved for everyone involved.

Would you like to learn more – Enapay can help.

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