We cannot force the natural course of events; everything happens in its ‘right’ time. The process is gradual, and hence may appear slow to us as we are often too impatient with expectations, but the change takes place within an instant – Koan

This proverb feels very apt at the minute.

I’m not sure whether it’s due to the time of year or my current mindset…

February is that strange time between Winter and Spring. We are greatly anticipating the longer days and lighter nights, so that we can get out and enjoy our surroundings more.

Talking to a keen golfer only last week, they were talking about being able to get on the golf course of an evening after work soon.

Water heating gradually could correlate to the seasons. It boils suddenly as before we realise, Spring is here, the flowers are out and we’re a quarter of the way through the year – now where did that time go?!

This proverb is also true of where you are when you face an obstacle:

  • a quick detour to overcome the obstacle and get back on track
  • face the obstacle and overcome it
  • sew some other seeds so you increase your choices of potential solutions

Depending on how we are feeling would often depend on the choices that we make:

  • detour – don’t want to deal with that issue right now as it will take up too much time / energy that I don’t currently have
  • detour – it’s too scary to face that obstacle so we’ll find another way
  • face it – feel’s a bit de-ja-vu, if I don’t face it now, I’ll face it at some point so why not
  • face it – feel in a positive mind that we can overcome it
  • face it – feeling enapay (brave)
  • sew other seeds – not convinced the detour or facing it is the right thing for you for the long term, so sew some other seeds may give you more opportunities later

Your choices could also be a variation of the above.

If you’re ready to face the challenge, then you are likely to be at a point where your water is boiling. If the detour or sewing other seeds are your preferred options, then you are likely to be heating your water.

Remember, we always have choices, and many of those choices are around ‘heating the water’ – they take time and effort, and the changes are not visible immediately, but over time those choices become a reflection of who we are.

Are you ‘heating’ or ‘boiling’ water right now?

Do you want to sew some other seeds to continue the heating process?

Get in touch and let enapay help you get your water boiling.

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