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3 words to remove from your vocabulary


I have been observing people’s use of language and correlating it to how they are able (or not) to achieving their ambitions. The following 5 words are keeping you dependent rather than independent or interdependent: Need This is a word

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Done is better than perfect


Ian Day writes some great articles, and in his book ‘Challenging Coaching’ (co-authored) there are some great hints and tips; not only as a coach but also as a coachee. Remember, the people and teams we coach are often reflections

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Signs your job sucks


I was drawn to this title when doing some research recently (and got side-tracked to look at it!). I had written about water heating slowly and boiling suddenly and to see the expression used in a different context was intriguing.

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Be Yourself….don’t wear a mask…


I have written on a number of occasions about the importance of being authentic and true to yourself. This factor has risen and risen in importance for me over the last few years. I have worked to combine some of

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Trust – a key ingredient to success


Trust has been a hot topic of mine of late, and I have been reading and posting some thoughts about trust, how to build it, improve it, ensure you have it as a key ingredient within a team environment. Working

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Forget like a child….


Forget like a child any injury done by somebody immediately. Never keep it in the heart. It kindles hatred. Swami Sivananda The above quote appears to have a deeper meaning… Sivananda uses the quote to talk about the negative experiences

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How balanced are your scales?


Human beings have, accordingly, two natures: animal and spiritual. Through the body, humans participate in the nature of animals, with which they share instincts. Through the soul, they participate in the nature of the spirits. Allan Kardec When I stumbled

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Be Organised (5S) to create more time / be more efficient …


How you do anything is how you do everything – Zen Master I was reading an extract from David Kundtz’s book – Awakened Mind and on reading the above quote it got me thinking just how true that statement can

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What world of beauty can you create and execute?


Through the low hanging almost in-excessible caves, be transported to another world filled with beauty. This transportation can take place in your own mind which allows you to move forward on your own journey. Where have you been transported to

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Are you following the right path?


I came across a great article recently that asks each of us to question whether we are following the right path, or really tell-tale signs that show us when we’re not following the right path! In her article, Tisha Morris

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