True Grit: The Epic True Stories of Heroism And Survival That Have Shaped My Life by Bear Grylls

a GREAT inspirational read:

True Grit is the extraordinary story of people surviving the harshest of situations, their super human strength and will to overcome and survive, and their heroic deeds in the most extreme circumstances, and how they all shaped Bear’s life.

Meet Alistair Urquhart, a Japanese prisoner of war during World War II. He endured cholera, survived tortured, and was forced to work on the Burma Railway. Displaying a spirit of endurance and will beyond imagination, he keeps fighting even as it rained blows after a failed bid to escape. Swimming through boiling crude oil, floating on a raft for five days, he’s lucky to survive, and today he is living near Dundee.

Meet Louis Zamperini, an Italian American World War II officer who was shot down over the Pacific Ocean, but that was just the start of the journey.

He was attacked by sharks and shot at by Japanese planes during his 47 day ordeal adrift at sea. When the boat reached land after a 2,000 mile journey – he was captured and tortured in a POW camp.

Another equally fascinating but shocking story is that of Nando Parrado, one of the Uruguayan rugby players who were immortalized in the movie Alive, which told the story of the desperate decision to resort to cannibalism when a plane carrying the team crashed high in the Andes. Parrado was one of the men who set out without any mountaineering equipment to find help and save the other survivors. He only lived to tell the tale because he was willing to eat the flesh of his dead companions.

In the book you will encounter a spectrum of men and women from a plethora or backgrounds, and yet they all have one thing in common – the refusal to quit no matter what the odds. The mental resilience to endure no matter what.

An awe inspiring read.

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