In Native Sioux American, Enapay means Brave and we believe to do anything different from what we are doing today requires a little bravery.

The essence of Enapay

Enapay’s motivation is to support you to achieve a life of fulfilment.

We want to support you to better understand your choices and how you choose to deal with them can increase your flexibility or thinking and improve outcomes.

We want to support you to re-create excitement and adventure into your day-to-day activities.

We WILL ensure a practical, realistic and achievable approach so you are equipped to face the challenges you encounter.

Enapay’s positive energy, enthusiasm and drive WILL help you achieve the above – all you need to do is take the first step…

About Sharon Hartley

Sharon is a passionate and energetic business professional with significant experience in leading business improvements and change management from a variety of sectors.

With a career of 20+ years in manufacturing across a variety of roles including Operations, Supply Chain, Project Management and Business Improvements, she is motivated to deliver improvements by ensuring the strengths of the individual and teams are harnessed, which will result in sustainable business improvements and a motivated and engaged workforce.

She is passionate about personal development and change and seeks to tap into your strengths to help you succeed.

Sharon has faced the personal challenges of finding balance between the left and right brain…

natural intuitiveness combined with a logical, practical and structured approach to ‘breakdown and breakthrough’ barriers that  prevent us and our businesses from moving forward

She firmly believes that personal leadership is a key ingredient to success – she acknowledges that we all have that ingredient and she believes that Enapay can support anyone in seeking to take their first ‘brave’ step, (or refind the step if you have gotten a bit lost).

Sharon likes  the great outdoors and enjoys walking, hiking and cycling.

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Sharon Hartley
Sharon Hartley, enapay
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